Translations and Texts for Latin America

Your communications expert for Spanish-speaking markets: Journalistic texts and translations for the financial and foreign trade industries – for your media and economic success in Latin America.

My journalistic curiosity, analytical thinking and the pleasure I take in choosing just the right wording ensure that your company and its products and services are presented in the best light. This lets you access new markets, gain the trust of your target groups and increase awareness of your business.


  • Translations from English and German into Latin-American Spanish
  • Proofreading, editing and quality checking of Spanish texts
  • Transcreation of advertising texts for the Spanish-speaking market
  • Writing journalistic texts in Spanish: articles for employee and customer magazines, articles for blogs and news portals, reports, news, interviews, case studies, profiles, press releases and information brochures

As a journalist, communications specialist and translator, I am triple qualified. You will receive carefully researched texts and translations that are worded with accuracy and wit, which is well received by Latin American readers. Your texts will inform, entertain and convince – whether analog or digital. I know which medium is best suited for your text and how to get the point across with rhetorical finesse. Your message will be well received and memorable.

Subject Areas



Stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities trading, investment strategies, investment business, asset management, financial instruments, foundations and securities trading


Communication Sciences

Communication theories and communication history, journalism, media structures, media management and public relations



Foreign trade, banking and economics

Human Resources

Human Resources

Personnel development, training and continuing education, executive development, promotion and planning of young talent

Text Types

Analysis of stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities, market reports, market forecasts, economic and investment trends, current economic reports

Manuals on staff management and the promotion of young talent, PowerPoint presentations, product information, case studies, training documents and information brochures

Advertisements, blog posts, websites, interviews, newsletters, employee and customer magazines, profiles, press releases, slogans, advertising brochures and advertising texts

About Me




  • Master in Translation Studies, specialization in economics and law (University of Alicante, Spain)
  • Graduate Communications Specialist, communication management (University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany)
  • Licentiate Degree in Social Communications (National University of Córdoba, Argentina)


Professional Experience


  • Since 2010 freelance technical translator with a focus on economics, finance, foreign trade, human resources and communication
  • Project manager for international university marketing: responsible for conception, implementation and support of PR and marketing campaigns as well as content planning for social media
  • Freelance journalist for an Argentinian news portal focusing on foreign trade topics

Member of the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) since 2011


+49 (0)59 23 96 98 80